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About Dr. Chadwick Murphy, MD

Chadwick Murphy, MD, is a double board-certified interventional spine specialist at Orthopedic Center for Sports Medicine in Metairie, Louisiana. Specializing in pain medicine, physical medicine, and rehabilitation, Dr. Murphy understands the importance of treating pain quickly and comprehensively.

Dr. Murphy joined the Orthopedic Center for Sports Medicine in 2016 after completing his pain medicine fellowship at Louisiana State University, New Orleans. He graduated from LSU Medical School in 2011 and completed his subsequent residency at the LSU Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Department from 2011-2015.

Dr. Murphy is currently the Chief of Pain Medicine at the New Orleans VA Hospital, where he proudly cares for our nation’s veterans suffering from chronic pain conditions. He also serves as an LSU Pain Fellowship attending and is one of the leading clinical instructors training future pain physicians in interventional spine procedures.

Working with his patients to develop an individualized comprehensive plan, Dr. Murphy prides himself in finding modalities to reduce pain and improve function as quickly and efficiently as possible. His greatest joy is seeing his patients enjoying their life with little discomfort. Not all patients are the same, and Dr. Murphy appreciates that. He treats many painful conditions and offers an even wider variety of treatment options.

If you need care for conditions such as low back pain, neck pain, joint pain, arthritis, personal injury, or more, call the office in Metairie, Louisiana, to book a consultation with Dr. Murphy today.

Conditions Treated

  •         Low back pain
  •         Neck pain
  •         Sacroiliac/hip pain
  •         Sciatica
  •         Herniated disc
  •         Degenerative disc disease
  •         Spinal stenosis
  •         Joint pain
  •         Arthritis
  •         Occipital and Cervicogenic headache
  •         Neuropathic pain
  •         Post-surgical pain
  •         Personal injury

Treatment options

  •         Medication Management
  •         Physical therapy
  •         Epidural Steroid Injection
  •         Facet Joint Injection
  •         Medial Branch Block
  •         Facet Radiofrequency Denervation
  •         Sacroiliac Joint Injection
  •         Genicular Nerve Radiofrequency Denervation
  •         Nerve Blocks for Headaches
  •         Discography
  •         Spinal Cord Stimulation
  •         Sympathetic Nerve Block
  •         Trigger Point Injection
  •         Joint/Bursa Injection

Author Chadwick Murphy MD Fellowship trained Spine Interventional Specialist



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